Chinese CHI 2019

The seventh International Symposium of Chinese CHI (Chinese CHI 2019) will be held in June 27~30, Xiamen, China.





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指导单位 / GUIDING

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Chinese CHI 2019
Sincere thanks to the K. C. WONG EDUCATION FOUNDATION for funding




Call for participation


       The Chinese CHI 2019 Art Gallery program committee are looking for novel, thought-provoking, evocative, sensor-rich interactive art experiences that are created by a diverse and broad group of creative practitioners and/or researchers.




       As part of Chinese CHI 2019, Art Gallery is looking for a broad range of interactive design and artworks that contribute to interactive design and artworks related to conference them of connected and futures. The work can include but is not limited to site-specific installations, interactive artworks, online works and performances in the visual arts, electronic literature, music and video. Works that engage with public space and interdisciplinary projects are particularly encouraged. Art Gallery will be exhibited in June 24~30 at Art College of Xiamen University. On the afternoon of June 28, the opening ceremony of Art Gallery will be held and the results of the best works will be announced.


Important date


       Description and Work are due: 15 May 2019
Notifications of review results will be sent on:5 June 2019


Submission Guideline




       Proposed artworks can include many different forms including sound, vision, , as well as works that are not so easily categorized. The submission should include the following:

  • The information of the adviser: including the name and organization
  • Description of the work: including written texts (it must be no longer than 2 pages), images, sound, video
  • Artist's statement: giving the background to the ideas and creation process
  • Inspiration, sources, materials and any research related to the artwork
  • Artist Profile: short bio, track record including previous exhibitions
  • Information about the demonstration space:
    • The amount of floor or desktop space needed (length, width, height in meters)
  • The list of equipment you will bring (be as detailed as you can be)
    • Any power, socket and outlet needs
  • Networking requirements (ethernet, wifi, non­HTTP)
  • Does it produce or is sensitive to a large amount of noise or light? (Etc.)
  • Anything else that you want us know about your demonstration


       Please upload the file under the name of your project.


Submission link

       Click here to submit


Selection Process


       The selection process was based on the criteria listed below.

  • Originality and Novelty: the work should be highly original, creative and imaginative. It should exemplify novel concepts in surprising and challenging ways that add something to what exists already.
  • Aesthetics: the work should have a strong aesthetic element and communicate effectively through form, function, behavior and emotion. Aesthetically interesting qualities include features that are pleasing and exciting as well as provocative.
  • Realization: the work must have a tangible aspect, in the form of an installation, object or art piece that can be included at a reasonable cost. It should be built and executed to a high standard suitable to be exhibited at Chinese CHI 2019.
  • Value: the work has the potential to open doors to new ways of thinking about interaction, evaluation and aesthetics, both in HCI and the Interactive Arts and/or critiques present and emerging forms.


File Size


       Please note that the maximum size of your submission should not exceed 20Mb.




       One author of each accepted submission must register for the conference.


Art Gallery chairs


       YI JI, Guangdong University of Technology, China

       Lin Lin, Xiaman university, China


Program committee


       Ernest Edmonds, De Montfort University, UK

       Damian Hills, Queensland University of Technology. Australia

       Yingying She, Xiaman university, China

       Lin Lin, Xiaman university, China

       Haipeng Mi, Tsinghua University, China

       Xiaoying Tang, Guangdong University of Technology, China



       Note: all the spending relates to the works’ shipping, equipment and installation has to be paid by the authors themselves. Chinese CHI will not provide grant and funding to the participants. There will be an exhibition space, desk, power and Internet available for the interactive design and artworks at the conference.