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Chinese CHI 2019

The seventh International Symposium of Chinese CHI (Chinese CHI 2019) will be held in June 27~30, Xiamen, China.





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Chinese CHI 2019
Sincere thanks to the K. C. WONG EDUCATION FOUNDATION for funding


China is the world's largest computer market. The strong role computerized devices play in Chinese achieving their success, combined with their frequent interaction with digital contents, creates an attractive scenario for researchers and marketers. 700 million people living in China uses Internet making it the world’s largest e-commerce market since 2015. Over the past two decades, Pearl River (Zhujiang) Delta has become the world’s largest urban area with over 40 million people and also grown into a global epicenter of technology innovation and equipment production. Your investment in the conference will allow you to capitalize on Chinese CHI's respected reputation and industry connections in this area to increase your brand awareness, strengthen your exposure in both academia globally and the marketplace, and reinforce your position as an industry leader in human-computer interaction and user experience.

中国拥有广大的个人企业计算设备市场,互联网市场,已及娱乐媒体内容市场。自2015年以来,七亿中国的互联网用户已经使中国成为世界上最大的电子商务市场。在过去的二十年里, 珠江三角洲已经成长为拥有超过四千万人口的, 全球化的技术革新和产品输出的中心。
在此背景下,我们诚挚欢迎您成为Chinese CHI 2019赞助商的一员。借助于Chinese CHI 2019的在业界的优良声誉和与企业的紧密联系,您的投资将会增进各界人士对您公司的品牌认知,也会为您拓展在学术和商业界的知名度, 以确保您的公司和团队在人机交互和用户体验方面的领军地位。

CHCHI 2019 offers three premium sponsorship level:Platinum,Gold and Silver.

Platinum Gold Silver
50,000+CNY(7,500+USD) 30,000CNY(4,500USD) 20,000CNY(3,000USD)

There are three other benefits of being a sponsor of ChineseCHI 2019: First, sponsors will get an opportunity to showcase your state-of-the-art technologies, which helps publicize your organization’s work and recruitment effort in the area of human-computer interaction. Second, your kind sponsorship will help keep the costs of the conference reasonable for students, and improve the quality of the conference experience for all attendees worldwide. Third, sponsors will be able to get involved and influence the conference events and the community as a whole. We offer three levels of sponsorship summarized in the table below. In recognition of all sponsorship levels, ChineseCHI 2019 will acknowledge your support in the following ways:

  • Your company name and logo will appear as sponsors on all formal conference announcements, conference registration area and on the program material given to attendees with indication of the level of sponsorship (Platinum, Gold, Silver)
  • Your company name, logo and URL will be included in the conference website (with indication of the sponsorship level).
  • You have the option of naming events. We will name an event after your company (e.g., conference banquet and poster reception). The choice of naming of events will be decided based on the level of sponsorship, the amount of the contribution and the order received.
  • We will announce your company's contribution and offer thanks at the opening and closing sessions of the conference.
  • You will have the opportunity to include material and giveaways with the conference material for each attendee.


If you are interested to become a sponsor of the conference, or contribute to the conference as cooperate member of ICACHI in different ways,please contact Li Liu (lliu@csun.edu).If you have any suggestions about your participation in ChineseCHI 2019, we would love to hear!

您的参与会带来以下三种获益:(1)您作为赞助商可以优先展示您公司的前沿技术,以期达到宣传产品和招揽贤士的功效; (2)您的捐助会帮助主办方提供更多的机会给在校学生参加会议, 并且有助于提高会议的质量使全世界的参会者受益; (3)您可参与会议举办的各种类型的活动。

我们对您的慷慨赞助深表感谢, 具体的细节如下。

  • 您公司的名字和图标会被印制在所有的官方会议的赞助商宣传栏里;

  • 您公司的名字, 图标和网页链接会出现在Chinese CHI 2019官方网站上。同时,也会标明您公司的赞助商级别。

  • 您有权对所赞助的会议活动以公司名字命名。这些活动包括大会晚宴等。具体的赞助形式由赞助级别和金额决定。

  • 我们将在会议的开幕和闭幕式上向您公司的慷慨赞助致谢。

  • 您公司的与会代表将获得与其他与会代表一样的大会颁发的相关的材料。

如果您有兴趣成为ChineseCHI 2019的会议赞助商,或者以任何形式赞助会议, 国外方请与Li Liu (lliu@csun.edu)联系,国内方请与龙飞 (13779988248)联系。也热情欢迎您提出宝贵建议!